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The life of an Independent Software Vendor can be very rewarding but it takes much more than just a great product to be successful.  You’ve taken a day to attend the ISV IQ Live event and now it’s time to take action and build on what you have learnt. The Association of Software Professionals is the place where those in the industry hang out to share their knowledge and experiences with others. Make 2017 your most successful year ever by joining the ASP.


Shane Sturgeon - BudgetModeller.com
I joined the ASP in 2001 because like you I love developing software but realised that I needed help if I ever wanted to achieve my dream of retiring to write software full time. My years in the ASP have taught me that to achieve that goal requires much more than the ability to write code, and few of us have the broad range of skills and experience necessary to be successful without help.
Over the years I have seen members discuss openly their techniques to protect their IP, their sales successes and failures, what has worked and hasn’t worked with marketing. It’s members only so people are much more open and willing to help. While I use public resources for technical challenges, the first and often only place I need to go is the private ASP technical forum. There members have shared their code files, developed pseudo code to help me learn, and when I didn’t know how to compile some code on my web server, a member logged in and did it for me.
Delphi is my tool of choice, and it’s great to be able to connect with other Delphi addicts in addition to getting help from members that are specialists in other tools and technologies. In my 15 years as a member, I have seen similar groups come, and go, the rise of Stack Exchange and similar resources, and yet the community of members in the ASP and their willingness to share their experience are still in my view by far the best source of that help. I hope you will join us and become part of our community.

Shane Sturgeon – BudgetModeller.com


Michael J. Riley - ZilchWorks.comI’ve been using Delphi since it was Turbo Pascal 3. In my view this is the best tool for Independent Software Developers to create software and applications for current and future markets. In 1989 I spent an entire year of evenings and weekends creating my first retail product. I still remember the thrill of getting my first order from Mr. Gifford Wherry, only two months after it went live in 1990.
It wasn’t until 2005 when I got burnt out doing both the ISV and the day job that I first joined the ASP. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to stop me having to put the business on hold for eight years. However, in 2013 I emerged from burnout and joined the ASP again, freshly invigorated and ready to share my experiences with the members.
You see, my story is not unusual – Shane also put his business on hold for a number of years with the sheer pressure of holding down a full time job and trying to be an ISV – and we along with a lot of the other members know what it’s like to walk this tightrope. Join us and get the support and experience of members all over the world that are just like you.

Michael J. Riley – ZilchWorks.com


The ASP is the place for ISVs to learn how to market and sell software.

  • More than ‘How-To’ – it’s about leader development and effective business decisions.
  • Use insights from people that have solved (or are currently working on) similar problems.
  • Market and sell software effectively today.
  • Learn the business from seasoned Industry Professionals.
  • Discover how to set the right price for your software.
  • Not sure how to do something, or if it will work? Ask in the forums and get feedback, advice and support from those that have learnt the hard way!

The ASP and Business Solutions – together we help Developers succeed!

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