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In 1987, the ASP pioneered the try-before-you-buy marketing method that is now universal in the software industry. The ASP can help you develop more marketable software, and sell it more effectively.

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You’ll enjoy the in-depth business and marketing articles in ASPects, the ASP’s monthly newsletter. Learn how other software developers have solved technical puzzles and grown their software businesses. ASP’s website includes more than a twenty-five years of ASPects articles, and more than five years of private, member-to-member discussions.

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There’s nowhere else on the planet that delivers this much useful information for only $100 per year. Learn successful marketing and sales techniques and sell more of your software. Participate in the group discussions about what works and what doesn’t, or simply read the discussion groups and learn from your fellow developers.

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Other valuable ASP benefits.

As an ASP member, you’ll enjoy discounts on developers’ tools, Windows utilities, and mISV-related services. ASP’s exclusive members-only discounts include free software that you’ll enjoy as soon as you sign up. You can post on ASP’s blog. The ASP’s discussion groups let you make lifelong friends and valuable contacts. You’ll work with people who can help you today, and in years to come.