ASP President creates Coordinator of Anti-Spyware Operations position

The President of the Association of Shareware Professionals, Jessica Dewell, has named Jerry Stern, to the newly created position of Coordinator of anti-spyware operations for the association. The new position will be responsible for drafting position papers and policy statements and coordinating anti-spyware efforts on behalf of the association.

Mr. Stern operates Science Translations Software, and also serves as the Editor of ASPects, the association’s monthly newsletter.

Prior to accepting the appointment to his new position, Mr. Stern had prepared and submitted written testimony to the US Federal Trade Commission’s workshop on spyware, and recently submitted a response on behalf of the ASP to the Anti-Spyware Coalition.

The ASP is a not-for-profit association of over 1,400 independent software developers, marketers and vendors, most of whom use the try-before-you-buy method of software distribution. For more information on the ASP, visit our consumer information web site at .