ASP Logo, Banner and Button Usage Policy

All use of logos, banners, buttons and trademarks of the ASP is subject to the following conditions:

1. Logos, Banners and Buttons
Only logos, banners and buttons (hereinafter referred to as “logos”) approved by the ASP may be used to represent the ASP. Approved logos for use by the ASP membership will be made available on the private (members only) web pages. The public pages on the ASP web site will have the approved logos for use by non-members and organizations not affiliated with the ASP. Logos as supplied and/or approved by the ASP may be used for non-member links and/or advertising banners and buttons at events sponsored and/or supported by the ASP. These banners and/or buttons may be furnished upon request.

2. Required Text (Members Only)
ASP members in good standing are authorized to use the member logos with the sole purpose of indicating ASP membership. These logos can be used in web sites, software, printed materials, and other products which are resources related to their ASP membership. The ASP logo must always be accompanied by clearly visible text, immediately adjacent to the logo, explaining the usage. Such text may either be part of the selected logo or as accompanying text. The required text options are as follows:

a. Any ASP member in good standing may use the word, “Member.”
b. Any ASP supporting member in good standing may use the phrase, “Supporting Member.”
c. Any ASP lifetime member in good standing may use the phrase, “Lifetime Member.”
d. Any ASP honorary member may use either “Honorary Member” or, if appropriate, “ASP Hall of Fame Member.” Logos incorporating these phrases will be made available to qualified members upon request.

The accompanying text may include minor embellishment to provide additional information (e.g., “Proud member since 1999”) but must include the required text and must not misrepresent their association with the ASP. See Section 5. When the indicated type of membership no longer applies (e.g. supporting membership changes to normal membership), either remove all ASP member logos or replace them by the ones which are now appropriate.

3. ASP Membership Termination
When ASP membership is no longer valid for any reason, the former member must remove all ASP logos and any other references to ASP membership as specified in the correspondence received from the ASP Executive Director. Should the former member not be able to comply with these requirements, they may appeal, in writing, to the ASP Chairman of the Board of Directors. This appeal must be filed within 60 days of receipt of the correspondence from the Executive Director.

4. Required Links
ASP logos used on web sites should link to the main page of the ASP site matching the logo, as listed on the ASP’s pages of logos provided by the ASP sites and projects for this purpose.

5. No Alteration
ASP logos may not be altered unless a graphic of the desired alteration is submitted to the ASP President for approval and that approval is received from the ASP in writing.

6. Positive Presentation
ASP logos must be displayed in a positive manner. ASP logos may not be used to depict the ASP or any of its members, services, products, or partners in any negative way. Their use is further prohibited in association with all illegal or deceptive products, services, or sites. ASP logos may not be used on:

a. Any “adult” sites;
b. Any site that promotes or portrays discriminatory practices against any individual or group;
c. Any site that features or has links to software cracks or sites that distribute computer viruses or methods of constructing computer viruses.

7. No Endorsement
ASP logos may not be used in any manner that suggests an endorsement or approval by the Association of Software Professionals of any individual, company, product, or service, without advance written assurance of such endorsement or approval from the ASP in writing.

8. Alternate Text (ALT) Tag
When used on a web page, ASP logos should have an alternate text (ALT) tag applied to the logo. This text must refer to the ASP and may not incorporate text about other organizations, inappropriate keywords, or text that would violate other sections of this logo policy. The preferred alternate text is “Click here to visit the ASP web site.”

9. Usage Guideline
This policy applies to the use of ASP logos and the logos may not be used outside these policy guidelines. The ASP reserves the right to prohibit specific uses. The ASP President may waive any of this policy’s requirements for a specific use and the ASP Board of Directors may also prohibit, at any time and with or without cause, specific uses of ASP logos.

This policy is subject to change without notice. A copy of the current policy may always be found on the ASP web site page labeled “ASP Logo, Banner, Button Usage Policy.”