Profile: Jim Allen

The Association of Software Professionals started out in 1987. Our members broke the shelf-ware model, inventing try-before-you-buy, and now, that’s how software is sold.
Here’s another in our series of profiles of our members. All we asked was this: How did you get started?
Jim Allen, of J.A. Associates, joined the ASP December 5, 1999, and is online at
Jerry Stern, Editor, ASPects

Jim Allen
Spent my entire working life in Southern California working for various transformer companies.
Self taught myself Basic in 1968 using a teletype, what fun. Didn’t use it much, fairly expensive connect time, replaced most of what I was using it for with an HP 65 then HP 97 programmable calculator.
Then along came the Commodore 64, I wrote and had published (Run and Compute! magazines) several programs for it and the Commodore 128 while still using the HP 97 at work.
After getting my first IBM compatible I wrote and sold a program for designing inductors and another to calculate the Q of inductors, kept my day job; actually by then I’d started my own consulting firm.
I joined the ASP in 1999 after I wrote the first rendition of the RPN Engineering Calculator.
Retired in 2007 after moving to Coos County on the Oregon coast, bought an RV and we’ve racked up about 30,000 miles since.