April 2012 ASPects

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April 2012 ASPects coverCall for Nominations: ASP Hall of Fame
by Gianfranco Berardi
The ASP Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who go above and beyond the normal levels of volunteerism to contribute to the organization. The Hall of Fame award is a way of providing recognition and thanks for those people who have made significant contributions to the ASP… (page 1)

ASP News: 2012 Officers, Budget approved
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Trade Show Calendar
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Getting Followers on Social Media
by Jiri Novotny
Is your Facebook page a wasteland, with more tumbleweed than fans?
     If yes, then this article will help you to start building your follower base. I’m referring mainly to Facebook and twitter in this article, but all the following applies to other social media too, including G+ and LinkedIN.
     This article talks about getting followers on your company/product social profiles, not friends for your personal profile. When it comes to your mISV business, you should always focus on your company or product social profiles, and not your personal profiles. Even if you are using your own name and personality in your marketing, I recommend you to create a dedicated business social profile just for your business… (page 3)

R&D Tax Credits There For the Taking;
How Software Developers Can Benefit

by Dawson Fercho
Any established and successful software developer most likely follows a rigorous process in designing, developing, and testing their releases. Doing so can certainly lead to a healthy bottom line through successful product launches. Unfortunately, many development firms are far less disciplined in maintaining records that could have substantial impact to their financial success by taking advantage of available Research & Development tax credits.
     The federal R&D tax credit has been available to U.S. corporations since Congress passed the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981… (page 6)

New Outreach Committee Chair
by Gianfranco Berardi
Growing the membership means adding to the value you get as a member of the ASP. With a diverse, vibrant community, you have more ideas to share, more business opportunities, and more chances to grow as a software professional… (page 7)

News & Press Corner
Microsoft and Nokia to Invest Up to 18 Million Euros in Mobile Application Development Aalto University (page 7)
SIIA Survey: Publishers Prioritizing Multiple Platforms as they Develop Content Distribution Strategies (page 8 )
FTC Testifies on New Framework for Protecting Consumer Privacy (page 8 )
Survey Shows Webmasters’ Struggles with Hacked Sites (page 9)
FTC Permanently Stops Two More Operations Charged with Using Fake News Sites (page 9)

ASP 2012 Budget
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