December 2011 ASPects

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Newsletter of the Association of Software Professionals, December
2011 Annual Meeting Has Started
by Gianfranco Berardi
It’s that time of year again. This is an official notice of the Annual Membership Meeting, as required by section 3.12 of the bylaws. The Annual Membership Meeting of the Association of Software Professionals has begun… The voting part of the meeting begins Thursday, December 1, 2011…. (page 1)

Director Nominees’ Statements for 2012
Ed Pulliam (page 1)

Trade Show Calendar
(page 2)

ASP News
Gianfranco Berardi appointed as President, steps down from Board of Directors (page 3)

LodSys Patents, Summary
by Bob Flora
The following post concerning the current Lodsys threat appeared in the ASP Members newsgroup. The post is also linked to from the Lodsys page on the ASP Members web site. The Lodsys page can be reached on the ASP Members web site by navigating to Member Information > Legal Resources > Information Concerning the Lodsys Patents. (page 3)

Autoresponders – An Effective Software Sales Tool
by Jiri Novotny
When it comes to marketing, as a software business owner, you have two major tasks:
1) Bringing more visitors to your website
2) Converting the visitors to paying customers
Now, this is of course very simplified, as there can be many intermediate steps… (page 4)

microISVs versus Software Giants
by Al Harberg
Since the beginning of shareware, small software development companies have been competing with software giants. On paper, it’s very difficult for the microISVs to win these competitions. Yet year after year, we find one-person companies taking significant market share away from the well-financed software publishers.
   How can a small company–say, a small software developer–compete with a huge company? (page 6)

Member Profiles III: So, How’d You Get Started?
by Jerry Stern
The stories continue over in the .schmooze discussion forum on the ASP’s members-only site. Join us there, at
This month: Tom Guthery IV
Harold Holmes (page 8 )

News and Press Corner
McAfee Releases Top Five Tips to Avoid Bad Apps
Shifting Sales Tax Compliance Burden Will Harm Small Businesses, Says CompTIA CEO
BizSpark at Xtranormal: Movie-Making for Everyone (page 10)