December 2012 ASPects

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December 2012, Volume 25, No. 12
2012 Annual Meeting Has Started
by Gianfranco Berardi
This is an official notice of the Annual Membership Meeting, as required by section 3.12 of the bylaws. The Annual Membership Meeting of the Association of Software Professionals has begun with the discussion period started on Saturday, November 24, 2012, at 12:01 AM Eastern US Time…(page 1)
Why I’m Still an ASP Member
by Gianfranco Berardi
At the end of my college years, I had been absorbing all I could about game development in my spare time, and I thought it would be ideal if I managed to get a job working for a company such as Nintendo, Konami, or Midway…
A couple of years ago, I finally made the leap to run my business full-time… (page 1)
Trade Show Calendar
ISVCon, September 26-29, 2013 (page 2)
ASP Member News
FlowHeater Designer v. 2.5 (page 3)
Sell More Software by Writing Better
by Al Harberg
Whether you’re writing your website’s sales presentation, a posting for your blog, a press release about your new software, or a whitepaper for your content library, you need to sell your ideas if you want to sell your software…
Every word has to advance your argument, and tell your story well. You have to look at every word, and ask if it’s advancing the message. Your job is to keep readers reading…. (page 4)
Design a Game With Me
by Gianfranco Berardi
One evening I found myself with a pack of cards and nothing else to do. I decided to make a simple game. My initial goal was to make a single-player card game, but it eventually evolved into a two-player game. By documenting the earlier design iterations, I hope to give you insight into what is involved in the game design process… (page 5)
Announcing the Release of v4.0 of the PAD Specification
by Joel Diamond
The ASP PAD Committee is pleased to announce the first major upgrade of the PAD Specification to 4.0. This upgrade entails more than just modifications and additions to the classic field content from prior versions of the specification, v 3.11. All former PAD tools, both ASP and third-party authored, are being replaced with a central web-based platform. We hope these significant investments in the PAD platform will benefit the entire commercial software community and especially the customers of our software that we distribute and promote online… (page 7)
News & Press Corner
Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice to Hold Workshop on Patent Assertion Entity Activities (page 8)
Visual Studio Toolbox Control Implementation
by Libor Tinka
This tutorial is intended for developers who would like to distribute their WPF or WinForms controls and automatically put
them into Visual Studio Toolbox during installation.
I struggled with Toolbox integration earlier because there are several possible approaches (harder to decide between them). Each approach has its own pros and cons and no overall comparison is provided. I wrote this tutorial to shed some light on the topic and spare you hours, maybe days, of research and experimenting with aspects of Visual Studio (Toolbox) extensibility… (page 9)
ASP Member News
Save Software Development Time with PacoSoft LogAnalyzer (page 15)