January 2013 ASPects

The January issue of ASPects is available now to our members. This month, Gianfranco Berardi continues his series on game design. Al Harberg discusses how financial controls work for microISVs, and Jiri Novotny suggests using eBooks as a sales tool. Over 25 years of ASPects issues are available in the back-issue archives for members of the Association of Software Professionals.

Cover, January 2013 ASPectsHappy New Year! Looking Forward to 2013
by Gianfranco Berardi
2012 passed us by and the world hasn’t ended. Onward to 2013!
The end of one year and the beginning of a new one is always a good time to take a momentto think about our progress… (page 1)
ISVCon News: 2012 Videos, 2013 Early Bird Savings
by Gianfranco Berardi
Last year’s ISVCon, the new Software Industry Conference (SIC), was well-received, and this year’s conference is looking to be even better. Once again held in Reno, Nevada, the Biggest Little City in the World, ISVCon 2013 will run from September 27 – 29, and registration is open now at http://www.isvcon.org/… (page 1)
Trade Show Calendar
ISVCon, September 26-29, 2013 (page 2)
ASP News
Annual Meeting Voting Results (page 3)
PAD 4 Frequently-Asked Questions, Part I
What does PAD stand for?
Why do authors need PAD?
Why should vendors and webmasters support PAD?  (page 4)
mISVs and E-books: Are You Missing Enormous Opportunities?
by Jiri Novotny
I think that e-books are the perfect digital goods. In fact, I think that selling e-books is better than selling software… (page 5)
Marketing Budgets and Financial Controls
by Al Harberg
Of all the financial controls that software developers use to regulate their microISV companies, the most abused one is the marketing budget.
Too many lazy marketers create their marketing budget first, and then create their marketing goals and objectives second–if at all. So says Mark Stevens, the author of the book Your Marketing Sucks. And while Stevens wasn’t specifically talking about independent software developers, we see this problem quite a bit in the software development industry.. (page 7)
Design a Game With ME, Part 2: Double the Players, Double the Fun?
by Gianfranco Berardi
Last time, we walked through the initial design steps of a new card game. Up until now it has been a single-player game, but I mentioned that the design evolved to accommodate two players. This article will explore that evolution… (page 8 )
ASP Member News
High-Logic B.V.’s MainType Wins 2012 Epsilon Award for Software Excellence (page 10)
News and Press Corner
European Software Conference: Venice in November (page 10)
FTC Strengthens Kids’ Privacy, COPPA Rule Updates (page 11)
Embarcadero Rolls Out New Multi-Device C++ Developer Platform (page 11)
INTERPOL and NEC Sign Partnership Agreement To Enhance Cyber Security (page 11)