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cover imageSIC and SIA Contract Signed
by Dennis Reinhardt
On June 27, 2011, the ASP and SIAF signed an agreement for the purchase of SIC (Software Industry Conference) and SIA (Software Industry Awards).
   Since very early Feb., the ASP has been exploring an informal offer from SIAF to sell SIC and SIA. Ed Pulliam was soon appointed SIC Investigator. Sue Pichotta was appointed Conference Manager in May.
   Now, in June, the contract is signed. Sue is at this writing doing a site investigation to choose a venue for 2012 SIC. More will be announced in next month’s ASPects, our annual public issue…. (page 1)
Trade Show Calendar
(page 2)
Also online on our Events Page.
5 Reasons You Should Use Twitter to Market Your Software
by Gianfranco Berardi
There’s a party on the Internet, and you’re invited! In case you haven’t heard, Twitter is a fairly popular social networking tool. Everyone from celebrities, politicians, technology leaders, marketing experts, and business owners are using it. Why? Because Twitter is a free and easy way to promote and sell their services and offerings, connect with their followers, and follow their industries… (page 3)
Collecting Charity Donations on Your Order Page
by Jiri Novotny
When we launched our new website, we’ve completely redesigned everything. Our order form naturally went through a major overhaul as well. One of the improvements we’ve implemented has proven to be very beneficial: We now allow our customers to make an optional $1 donation to a charity whenever they purchase something from our secure online store.
   If you are wondering why we’ve done this, let me tell you that there are many, many reasons. I will list some of the benefits at the end of this article. But first, let’s talk about the practical implementation… (page 5)
ASP News:
New Sergeants-at-Arms appointed (page 6)
ASP Member News:
Fast Reports launched in Japan with AG-Tech (page 7)
News & Press Corner
Department of Justice Disrupts International Cyber Crime Rings Distributing Scareware (page 7)
Microsoft Releases Kinect for Windows SDK Beta for Academics and Enthusiasts (page 8 )
Intuit Unveils Next Generation of the Intuit Partner Platform (page 9)
StopBadware releases report on the state of badware (page 9)

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