April 2013 ASPects Online

The April ASPects is available for ASP members today. There are articles about defining a market for your software, finding a partner, and modeling computer security on swiss cheese, and more.

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Having Purpose in Business, in Life, and in Your ASP

by Gianfranco Berardi
A symphony is an intricately detailed piece of design. It doesn’t work if a violinist can show up halfway through and play any random series of notes. It doesn’t work if the conductor decides to take the night off. It doesn’t work if there isn’t music written in front of everyone that is cohesive and aligned… (page 1)
Trade Show Calendar
ISVCon, September 27-29, 2013 (page 2)
Help Prospects Buy Your Software
by Al Harberg
Consumers know that they have choices. But they don’t know how to decide. So says Sergio Zyman in his excellent book The End of Marketing As We Know It. Zyman says that we should help consumers decide. While Zyman’s experience is in selling Coca-Cola and not software, his advice would be to help prospects decide by defining ourselves, by defining our competitors, and by positioning ourselves in the software marketplace. (page 3)

Growing your mISV by growing your team

by Jiri Novotny
I think that the two things limiting growth of mISVs the most are insufficient focus on marketing and fear/reluctance to get a business partner (co-founder) or hire the first employee and then continue growing the team from there…. (page 5)
Swiss Cheese for Advanced Windows Security
by Jerry Stern
You can’t function when your computers are down, either down at my repair bench for a cleanup, or in slowdown mode, infected, phoning home with your account numbers, or bogged down sending out SPAM for a bot farmer. And security suites are slowdowns of another variety. There has to be a way for an advanced user to keep computers both fast and safe. Here’s how, but this approach is not for beginners…. (page 6)
Your Tiny Software Marketplace
by Al Harberg
There is no software marketplace. What we call the software marketplace is made up of thousands of tiny niches, each with its own issues and problems. It’s not always possible to take good advice from a microISV in one marketing niche, and apply this wisdom to a different part of the software development industry…. (page 9)

ASP Member News

Aha-Soft Releases Quality App Bar Icon Pack for the Windows 8 (page 9)
News & Press Corner
Adobe and BSA Urge Congress to Support Software Innovation by Improving Patent Quality and Curbing Opportunistic Litigation (page 10)
SIIA Says U.S. Businesses Should Register with ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse to Protect Themselves from Intellectual Property Theft (page 11)
Google to Pay $7 Million Settlement over Street View (page 11)