March 2012 ASPects

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ASPects, March 2012
March 2012 ASPects
Why Social Media Matters to mISVs
by Jiri Novotny
I’ve noticed in ASP Newsgroups and other discussions that many software business owners think that Facebook is a waste of time for their business. In other cases, small business owners are creating Facebook pages for their businesses and don’t really know why; they just feel that they should do it, because everybody else is doing it. They don’t want to miss out–but on what, exactly? (page 1)

Trade Show Calendar
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ISVCon 2012: Call for Speakers
by Sue Pichotta, ISVCon Manager

ISVCon, the new Software Industry Conference (SIC) is issuing a Call for Speakers. ISVCon is a non-profit conference for ISVs, or Independent Software Vendors: developers who sell their own software. ISVCon will be held July 13-15, 2012, in Reno, Nevada at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa. Please consider supporting the conference not only by attending, but also by sharing your knowledge with others. We invite you to submit your proposal to speak at the conference… (page 5)
ASP News:
Gregg Seelhoff appointed as Games SIG Charter Executive (page 5)
Getting Started with Google Checkout’s HTML API Integration
by Jerry Stern

Routine software sales should go through a specialist company. OK, got that out of the way. Selling a software product online is best handled by a company that will do all the work for you, creating a secure ordering page, accepting credit cards, providing downloads, handing out registration keys–the list is endless, and just because we have a tradition of re-inventing the wheel doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.
     That said, for some sales, it’s handy to be able to setup a sales link that’s flexible enough to handle transactions for other items, like upgrades for extra services, or an open amount payment form with no pre-determined purchase amount. Google Checkout can do all that… (page 6)
Juggling 1000 Balls and Automating Your mISV Business
by Jiri Novotny

At the beginning of the New Year, I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to take my business to the next level. I’ve come to a realization that without proper strategy in place and approaching things differently, it will be impossible. I’ve developed some basic ideas and concepts, and published them on my blog. The post was called “Seriously, Stop Sabotaging Your 2012 Goals”. That was at the beginning of January.
     After that, I’ve been working on this particular issue for a few more days, purely from the mISV perspective. And today, I would like to offer you the results of my work and give you an actionable guide which will help you to get (and stay) on top of things and ultimately grow your business. Think of this as a systematic approach of doing software business… (page 8 )