May 2013 ASPects is Online: Press Releases, Apps for Office 2013

The May ASPects is available for ASP members now. Al Harberg has explained the first half of his core tips for press release success for microISVs. Danile Heuman talks about getting into Office apps early. And there is industry news, trade events, and more.

ASPects, May 2013ASPects, May 2013
ISVCon Speakers Announced for Reno
by Gianfranco Berardi
I’m in the middle of reading The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. It’s a short and enjoyable book, filled with anecdotes and practices on living a life of possibility as opposed to one of scarcity…. (page 1)

Trade Show Calendar
ISVCon, September 27-29, 2013 (page 2)

The Sixteen Keys to microISV Press Release Success, Part I
by Al Harberg
You can increase your software sales by sending a well-written press release to editors and bloggers. But emailing a press release that’s badly written won’t get your cash register ringing. In my 29-year career of writing and distributing press releases for software developers, I’ve learned a lot about what the editors are looking for. Here are the most important tips and tricks that I’ve learned…(page 3)

ASP News
2013 budget (pages 4-7)

Apps for Office: A New Frontier
by Daniel Heuman
What made the birth of the iPhone so important for ISVs? A new technology? A new way of accessing the internet? A platform available around the world with apps verified by a tech giant? It was probably a combination of all these factors, so it’s significant that Microsoft has re-created that for Office 2013.
   If you haven’t heard of apps for Office, they’re worth understanding. Built into the Office 2013 ribbon is an option to ‘Insert Apps for Office’. It links directly to the MS Office store where you can download apps… (page 7)

ASP Member News
Jarte – Touchable Alternative in Word Processing (page 8 )
New Book Illuminates Candelas, Lumens, and Lux (page 8 )
Write and Publish Online User Manuals with Manula (page 8 )

News & Press Corner
Amazon Expands Global App Distribution to Nearly 200 Countries (page 10)
Embarcadero Technologies Unveils Multi-Device, True Native App Development Suite (page 10)
FTC Seeks Input on Privacy and Security Implications of the Internet of Things (page 10)
Symantec Internet Security Threat Report Reveals Increase in Cyberespionage (page 11)
AnDevCon $300 Discount Expires Friday, May 10th (page 11)