October 2011 ASPects

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Contents:  October 2011 ASPects
Annual Call for Director Nominees
by Dennis Reinhardt
This is an official notice of the Annual Membership Meeting, as required by section 3.12 of the bylaws… (page 1)
Directors’ Duties
by Dennis Reinhardt<
The scope of an ASP director’s duties are developed to show what a director does and what a director accomplishes… (page 1)
Trade Show Calendar
(page 2)
Optimizing your installer (Basics)
by Jiri Novotny
The installer of your software application is an integral part of your product. It is the first thing the user sees, and yet, it is often overlooked. First impressions matter, and more importantly, if installing your software isn’t as easy as possible, you are losing installs, potential customers and revenue.
When it comes to installers, what should you try to improve? The goals are to… (page 4)
Software Marketing and Software Pricing
by Al Harberg
Tell prospects how much your software costs: You can sell more of your software if you make it simple for prospects to learn the price. If you hide the price, they won’t be reading the sales presentation on your website. Instead, they’ll be scrolling and clicking, trying to find out how much you charge for your application… (page 6)
Member Profiles: So, How’d You Get Started?
by Jerry Stern
How did we end up as software developers? Entrepreneurs? Micro-ISVs? There’s a lot of history to go around. This is the beginning of a series of profiles of our members…
This month: David Hyde, Jim Allen, and Sam Bellotto Jr. (page 8 )
ASP Member News
Create Android Apps in Five Minutes With Free Andromo App Maker
Simple Windows Freeware to Capture and Edit Music
Paramount Software Releases v5 of Macrium Reflect
Simply Create a Stunning Professional Website (page 9)
News & Press Corner
Developers Tune In to Microsoft’s Channel 9
FTC Announces New and Improved OnGuardOnline Website (page 11)