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ISVCon 2013 Preview: Conversations to Create More Customers by Jessica Dewell

ISVCon 2013 is in a few short weeks. Have you registered yet at
Below is a preview of Jessica Dewell’s session on conversations to create more customers, just one of the presentations filled with actionable information for software business owners at ISVCon 2013 in Reno, Nevada from September 27 – 29.

The Art of Prospect Conversations…without Mechanization!
Want to sell more of your product? Feel puzzled as to how new media (blogging, social media, video, etc.) fits into the business work flow? Then make sure to snag a seat at this ISVCon presentation!
Internet marketing offers minimal barrier to entry due to the low cost and wide variety of tools available, making the task much easier. As a result, more companies are marketing and selling more stuff online than ever before.
While websites are still a key part of a digital strategy, how we use our websites and other available online mediums determines business growth opportunity.
Copying competitor strategies doesn’t cut it anymore, especially for digital products, whether download or SaaS (Software as a Service).
Your business plan is a starting point. Now, set it aside…think back to your reasons for starting a company, building and supporting your products, and the spark that started the creativity – such elements are the WHY. Once identified, those form the basis for creating a complete digital strategy with which to support that business plan.
Just as important is HOW you conduct business. An active digital strategy reflects the business and product you’ve developed and want to sell. Every detail regarding pre- and post-sales support structure, and online communications, differs from every other firm.
Yes, you need social media, and perhaps even a blog. Being online 24/7 is overkill, though – there is a time and place for automation of content sharing. Again, what sets you apart from the competition is what you do differently.
You can’t automate relationships. So unplug that algorithm and listen up. There’s an ART to authentic, sales-producing conversations, both online and off, that will create more customers.
Check out the full description at See you there!

September 2013 ASPects is Available, Annual Public Issue

The September ASPects is our annual public issue this year; it’s available for everyone to download–click on the cover to download the PDF file. ASP members get ASPects every month. This time, Al Harberg has written about how business software isn’t like home software. I talk about doorslam apps for web sites. And there’s industry news, trade events, and developer opportunities, as always.

 ASPects, September 2013
ASPects, September 2013

Do You Know What It Takes to Succeed in the Software Business?
by Gianfranco Berardi
Are you thinking about starting your own software business? Are you worried about unanswered questions regarding the process of doing so? Are you concerned about the risk?
   Invest in your success, and join the Association of Software Professionals today….(page 1)

Trade Show Calendar
ISVCon, September 27-29, 2013 (page 2)

Publishers Reap Benefits from Global PAD v4 Repository
by Joel Diamond
The PAD Specification v4.0 is nearly 9 months old and the community of publishers as well as download sites, software catalogs and other PAD support channels are already reaping benefits… (page 3)

Flying through hyperspace ain’t like dustin’ crops
by Al Harberg
In today’s troubled economy, a lot of microISVs who sell consumer software are trying to add a business application or two to their product mix. As Han Solo explained to Luke Skywalker in the first Star Wars movie, piloting the Millennium Falcon to another galaxy is not like flying a crop duster on the family farm. Similarly, developing and marketing a business application is not like developing yet another program for home users. Software developers who understand the differences between the two marketing challenges can do a better job of generating income with their new marketing focus. Here are some insights about what you might encounter as you move into the business software arena… (page 4)

Top 10 Mistakes Made When Hiring Freelancers
by Jim Coutu
When hiring freelancers, mistakes can be made at almost any turn. As an arbitrator who specializes in freelance projects, I have arbitrated over a thousand failed projects. Many times I have seen cases where someone hiring a freelancer made easily-correctable mistakes that caused their project to fail. Here are the top ten mistakes made when hiring freelancers… (page 5)

Don’t Build a DoorSlam!
An App is Not a Web Site

by Jerry Stern
I’ve been seeing annoying apps this year.A lot of them. Really, I should install an app for Sheetz? Really? Hello, it’s a gas station with hot dogs, and road-side billboards that tell me to install their app. Why?
   Some online blogs are calling these sites and apps doorslams… (page 9)

How to Get an Ultimate Perspective on Your Business
by Jiri Novotny
The best way to quickly gain a tremendous perspective on your business is to create a visual model of it…. (page 11)

Own the Software Sales Process
by Al Harberg
Take charge of the sales process if you expect to close a sale. That advice comes from Joe Girard, the world’s greatest salesman according to The Guinness Book of World Records. Much of the advice in Girard’s book How to Close Every Sale can be translated from Girard’s experience with face-to-face automobile sales into the realm of selling software on the Internet…  (page 13)

ASP Member News
DataNumen: Powerful, Affordable RAR Repair Software (page 14)
Popular “Allmyapps” Windows App Store to be based on PAD® v4.0 (page 14)

News & Press Corner
Amazon Appstore Now Accepting HTML5 Web Apps (page 15)
Amazon Launches Mobile Associates API (page 15)
Moving forward  (Steve Ballmer of Microsoft retires) (page 16)

Buy Software from Yourself

How to Become a Marketing SuperstarJeffrey J. Fox wants you to be your own customer. He wants you to experience your own company’s interface with the public.
Fox is the author of the book “How to Become a Marketing Superstar – Unexpected Rules that Ring the Cash Register.”
For most software developers, the only area where this makes sense is to buy your software from time to time, to see how your eCommerce providers are doing. Find out if there are any delays. See if the “buy now” process is smooth.
It only costs a couple of dollars in eCommerce company commissions. And you may uncover problems that you didn’t know that you had.
    – by Al Harberg, the Software Marketing Blog guy