PE Explorer from Heaventools Software Wins 2010 Epsilon Award for Software Excellence

Heaventools Software’s PE Explorer was named the winner of the 2010 Epsilon Award at the tenth annual European Software Conference.
The Association of Software Professionals (ASP) is a sponsor of the European Software Conference. And Heaventools Software is a developer member of the ASP.
Every year, the Epsilon Award recognizes the best software program from the European software and microISV community. Programs are nominated by software developers, a peer-review process that ensures that only the highest quality software is considered for the award.
PE Explorer is a software development application that lets programmers view, edit, and reverse engineer EXE and DLL files. In addition to inspecting the internal processing of your own software, PE Explorer lets you look inside third-party Windows applications and libraries.
PE Explorer makes it simple to open, view, and edit EXE, DLL, and ActiveX controls, as well as SCR, CPL, SYS, MSSTYLES, BPL, DPL, and other executable files, including files that run on the MS Windows Mobile platform.
Simply select a file to examine, and PE Explorer analyzes the file and displays a summary of the PE header information, as well as all of the resources that the file contains. In addition to being a powerful resource editor, PE Explorer includes an API function syntax lookup, a dependency scanner, a section editor, a UPX unpacker, and a built-in disassembler.
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The eleventh annual European Software Conference will be held in November, 2011 in London, England. Additional information about the Epsilon Award, and about the European Software Conference, can be found on or