ASP Member Testimonials

Jiri Novotny, founder, Dextronet, Brno, Czech Republic

Since joining ASP originally in 2006, my business has grown hundredfold. Lot of my success is due to the outstanding information and advice I got via ASP. There are many extremely helpful and friendly ASP members who will knock themselves out to help you and give you actionable feedback and advice. All you have to do is ask – whether in the general, marketing or technical members-only newsgroup.

Simply put, there are many successful people thrilled to help you become successful too. And don’t even get me started on the monthly ASPects newsletter with insightful articles, or the increased trust and credibility you can instantly gain by joining ASP and proudly displaying your ASP membership badge on your company website’s About page.

If you are serious about your business at all, ASP is a no-brainer. For crying out loud, it’s less than 9 bucks a month! Join now and thank me later.

Thomas Warfield, Goodsol Development, Inc., Springfield, IL, USA

If you are in the software industry and are serious about what you do, you need to be a member of the Association of Software Professionals. The ASP connects you with hundreds of other people and companies doing the same thing you do. From articles in ASPects, the monthly magazine, and from posts in the ASP member newsgroups, you will learn what works and what doesn’t work in software. ASP members share information about how to develop and market software that is available nowhere else. After you have joined the Association of Software Professionals and seen what it can do for your business, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Dave Collins, SoftwarePromotions Ltd., New Milton, United Kingdom

Joining the ASP was one of the single most rewarding business decisions that I have ever made. I work with developers from all over the world, and joining the ASP was a crucial factor in the success of my company. The people, knowledge and first-hand experience all add up to a truly unbeatable combination. If you work in the software industry, and haven’t yet joined, then you’re missing out on a daily basis. It’s that simple.

Ed Guy, Guy Software, West Vancouver, BC, Canada

Before I became involved in shareware as a marketing method I’d had about thirty years of programming and systems experience, but it was all with big companies and government agencies. What I lacked was a knowledge of marketing techniques which could be applied at an affordable cost. ASP membership filled that void for me. I found ASP members to be very willing to share their expertise with each other in the areas of marketing and business as well as coding techniques when somebody hits a particularly knotty problem.

Loren Brewer, Wingenuity, Inc., White Pigeon, MI, USA

The ASP is an awesome business resource. Do yourself a favor and join… as fast as you can. The amount of current, quality information available to members on a constant basis (via the Members Only website and newsgroups) has exceeded my wildest expectations.

Aldo Ghigliano, President, Visual Vision, Pietra Ligure, Italy

When I joined the ASP in 1999 I was just starting my software business, with just one (still-not-finished) product. I find the membership useful even now that Visual Vision is an established company. There is something you can learn everyday. And maybe something you can teach!