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The ASP Discussion Groups

ASP members post thousands of messages each month in our private discussion groups. We explore technical issues, business concerns, and marketing topics. Because of the varied backgrounds of our members, we often get a full range of answers to many questions. You’re encouraged to participate in the discussions, or just sit back and read other software professionals’ opinions.

The ASP’s Newsletter Archive, 1988-2015

ASPects, the ASP’s monthly newsletter, is packed with association news, industry trends, and fresh marketing ideas. While ASP’s discussion groups are great at delivering answers to immediate questions, ASPects takes a longer, more in-depth look at marketing, technical, and business issues. Check out some sample ASPects headlines.

ASP Discounts and Freebies

The ASP has hundreds of discounts from members and non-members alike. Many developers find that they save more than the ASP’s annual dues each year on software that they would be buying whether they were ASP members or not. Here’s a sample of the discounts available to you when you join ASP.

  • Microsys (
    A1 Website Analyzer, Sitemap Generator and other software (50% off)
    A1 Sitemap Generator, A1 Website Analyzer, A1 Website Download, A1 Keyword Research, TimeSage Timesheets [Pro Edition], Automation Batch Tools, A1 Website Scraper. Join the ASP to get your discount.
  • Zabkat (
    Crack Tracker (30% off)
    Crack Tracker is a DMCA assistant tool specially designed for software authors like you, who lose money from unauthorized distribution of your programs in file-sharing download sites. Whereas it cannot solve all your piracy problems, by removing the illegal downloads you stand a chance of making more legitimate sales. Join the ASP to get your discount.
  • Multimedia Soft (
    Audio-related software components (30% off)
    Audio related software components, in both ActiveX and .NET flavours, now with native builds for x64 versions of Windows. Join the ASP to get your discount.
  • WinAbility Software (
    AB Commander (free)
    A free copy of AB Commander, a dual panel file manager and Windows Explorer replacement, to any ASP Member in good standing. Join the ASP to get your free license.
  • Programming Sunrise (
    KooRaRoo Media (free)
    A free copy of KooRaRoo Media, DLNA server and media organizer that supports streaming all your media files to all devices on your home network. Join the ASP to get your free license .

Offer Submissions

You may submit any offer here that you wish to extend to all ASP members. Offers will be sent to our Member Discount Coordinator and posted in the “Members Only” section of our web site.

Help Shape the Software Industry

The ASP has been one of the “movers and shakers” in the software industry since its founding in 1987. In the past, the organization has fought legal battles to keep the word “shareware” in the public domain for use by everyone. The ASP even testified before Congress on a copyright bill, and positive changes were made to the bill as a result.

Presently, the Association of Software Professionals is deeply involved in the PAD standard, which uses state-of-the-art XML technology to make software submissions easier for both authors and distributors. If you have the motivation, you can work with like-minded people to help design, build, and implement future projects, and in the process, leave your mark on history.

Sign up online and gain access to the advice, networking, and resources that will shift your software business into high gear.

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