Forums on microISVs, by microISVs

Here’s a tiny sample of the profitable business strategies that ASP developers and vendors discuss in ASP’s newsgroups:

  • What are the best purchase incentives to turn your downloaders into buyers?
  • How important is it to market my application on Facebook and Twitter?
  • Will I be penalized if I use SEO techniques that are just a little gray-hat?
  • Can I design and structure my newsletter to generate software sales?
  • What techniques work best to encourage prospects to buy multi-user and site licenses?
  • How can I get my application reviewed by newspaper and magazine writers?
  • Are Purchase Orders a license to steal software, or can I use them to get sales from large enterprises?
  • How can I get my users to tell their friends and colleagues about my programs?
  • Does it matter which eCommerce company I use, or are they all about the same?
  • Will signing up with affiliates boost my software sales?
  • Do download sites still deliver software buyers to my website?
  • Should I be using videos to promote my applications?
  • Are press releases an effective tool for generating web traffic and sales?
  • How do I get bloggers to write about my software?

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