Help your business fail … or succeed

A recent study of ASP membership may help ASP members and non-members alike.
As a benefit of ASP membership, member site URLs are listed in our site. Yet, something like 18% of our members do not take advantage of this benefit. Among that 18%, we think the rate of business failure is nearly 2:1 greater.
ASP members not giving a public URL
The chart shows year of joining ASP and records only those members not supplying the ASP with a URL we could publish. The expire/active determination was made as of Aug. 2010. So, for members joining in 2002, 17% of the expires did not supply a publishable URL whereas 9% of the still active members have not supplied a publishable URL.
This same pattern holds up year after year: the odds are greater that not supplying a URL to ASP when joining leads to lapse of ASP membership (the main contributor of which is business failure).
The message here is do not treat your site URL like a secret. Advertise it in all appropriate venues.