Overselling Your Software

Overselling Your Software
sell your software, but don't oversell itNever oversell. Stop talking once you’ve sold, or you risk losing the sale.
That’s good advice from Joe Girard, the author of “How to Close Every Sale,” and “the world’s greatest salesman” according to The Guinness book of World Records.
In face-to-face sales, you’ll lose the sale if you keep selling after your prospect has made a buying decision. I see this problem with software marketing on the Internet, too.
Most of your prospects click the “buy now” link because they want to buy your software. Don’t fill your “buy now” page with paragraph after paragraph of additional sales information. They’ve already decided. Send them to your eCommerce company’s order form, and close the sale.
Don’t confuse your prospects and customers. They don’t have to understand the underlying technology to buy your software and use it to solve their problem. Sell benefits, and don’t get bogged down in technical details (unless you’re selling programmers’ tools, of course).
David Ogilvy says that you can’t bore people into making a buying decision. I’m sure Girard would agree. Girard suggests saying something like, “Have you sold yourself yet, or should I continue to tell you more?”
Include “buy now” links throughout your sales presentation to accomplish the same goal.
Sell your software. But don’t oversell it.
– Al Harberg, the Software Marketing Glossary guy from DP Directory, Inc.