Sell More Software with an Authenticode Code Signing Certificate

It’s a difficult time to be selling software. Today’s economy has made a lot of buyers afraid to spend money. And many end-users are afraid that buying software online will result in their getting Internet malware on their computer.
Making things worse is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer security warning each time a Vista or Windows 7 user starts to download software from the web – “The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?”
You can sell more software if you eliminate this frightening message. All it takes is an Authenticode code signing certificate.
If you sign your downloads, your prospect will still see the “Are you sure you want to run this software?” part of the warning message. But they won’t see the “publisher could not be verified.” portion.
And, with a single click, end-users can view your certificate and feel comfortable that they’re downloading exactly what they expected to download. The code signing certificate ensures that the downloaded file has not been tampered with after the original publisher created it.
With a code signing certificate installed, software developers can sign EXE, CAB, DLL, COM, OCX, JAR, VBA, Mozilla object files, Silverlight files, Active X controls, and MacOS 9+ files.
Code signing is an effective way to increase software sales by minimizing the risk associated with downloading files from the Internet.
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