Software Marketing and Adversity

adversity and software marketingBill Russell believes that adversity does not necessarily bring out the best in people. This is true in the software development industry, and in all parts of our lives. Some microISVs respond well to adversity, and some react poorly.
Russell led the Boston Celtics to 11 championships in 13 years. And he was the only basketball player to win an NCAA Championship, an Olympic Gold Medal, and an NBA Championship in a single year. In his book “Russell Rules,” he offers a wealth of advice that can help business people of all types, including those of us who spend our days immersed in software marketing..
Russell disagrees with the popular wisdom that we should regard adversity as an opportunity. He believes that this leads to creating a victim mentality – a mindset in which people who have been mistreated believe that they are powerless. He tells us to take control of every situation, regardless of how it was caused. Russell sees this as a positive action on our part, and not simply a reaction to the things that are going on around us.
We need to be resilient, Russell says, and respond to the problems that affect our business. Problems happen. What’s important is how we respond to them.
Our businesses will have highs and lows. We need to have resilience, and not become distracted by the ups and downs that will always be part of business – and of life. That’s good advice for people who deal every day with the stresses of software marketing.
– by Al Harberg, the Software Marketing Glossary guy