Software that's as Boring as Salt

software as boring as saltSalt is not boring, Seth Godin tells us in his book “Purple Cow – Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable.” Sure, salt has been sold for centuries as a commodity. Today, however, lots of companies are selling exotic salt for very high prices – and very high profit margins.
Is your software more boring than salt?
Then find a way to change the software so you can get people excited about it. Godin isn’t suggesting that you wrap your application in sales hype. He wants you to change the application itself. Convert it into a purple cow that people will get excited about.
Figure out how people in other industries have started with boring products, and made them exciting. Popcorn comes to mind.
“Find things that are ‘just not done’ in your industry,” Godin tells us, “and do them.”
    – by Al Harberg, the Software Marketing Blog guy