Welcome to the New ASP Blog

Here we are at another milestone – the ASP Blog launch day 🙂 . I’m just as excited as you are when thinking of the things we will be able to do via this powerful tool. As a first post, let me tell you more about…

… the idea behind it:

This new resource is intended to help you as a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals share your experience and learn from others on various topics of your interest.
… main benefits you can get from the blog:
I’m sure many of you are advocates of blogs in general. What’s in it for you on this one?  First of all, you will know how others handled various aspects of their business, what was successful and what went wrong. You can learn from their know-how and calibrate your strategy in the right direction, avoiding pitfalls.
Secondly, you can benefit from important advertising / promotion opportunities via the ASP Blog. Don’t get me wrong, we won’t encourage or accept blatant advertising. We encourage real knowledge, tips, ideas. The more you contribute, the more your name will be associated with Software Industry Professionals.
… contributing to the blog:
Any ASP member can post on the blog. You just have to send your request to blog@asp-shareware.org and you will get further details via email.

… what you will read about:

Apart from official organization announcements, the blog’s content will be entirely generated by ASP members, so the topics and posts will reflect the subjects you consider to be important –  software development, marketing and distribution a.s.o. This said, we look forward to receiving  your suggestions regarding blog categories or any other issue related to the blog.
Last but not least, I want to renew our invitation to drop by the ASP Hospitality Suite at SIC (July 16-18, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts). Be sure to come where you will be able to talk to us and to other members over a cup of coffee. For a more elaborate discussion and schmoozing, you can join us at the ASP Lunch!