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  • What's a Cloud App, and Why Would I Want it?
    by Jerry Stern
    What's an App? It's another word for a program. It usually refers to a program that runs on a phone or tablet but it basically means the same thing as software or program. The program can run locally, either as a program installed on a computer or device, or it can run in a browser using a scripting language like JavaScript, or it can run on a remote Web server and work with a much simpler program or script to display results in your browser.

  • Find Software as an Informed Consumer
    by Jerry Stern
    Downloading apps and software is the best way to try out a product before buying it. Free trial versions and free light versions of software let you know, for sure, that a program will work on your computer or device before you buy it.

  • How to Download Software
    by Jerry Stern
    Downloading is how you copy a file from a website to your computer, tablet, or device. An upload is when you send a file to a website. Downloads are mostly used for program installations, apps, documents, and anything else that you need a local copy of. Uploads are mostly used for sending documents.
       Here's how to download the file using Internet Explorer...