ASP Hall of Fame Inductees, 2002-2003

2003 Inductees:

Rosemary West

What drives Rosemary? “My imagination. I have so many more ideas than I’ll ever have time to carry out, but trying to bring as many of them to life as I can is what keeps me going.”

Since her first software sale, Rosemary has been an active contributor to the shareware community. She was on the ASP board for two terms, from 1992 to early in 1996. She stepped down after two
terms as a firm believer that new people and ideas are needed in any organization’s board and committees to encourage flow, participation, and new twists on old ideas.

When disk vendors were an integral part of the ASP, she chaired the Vendor Compliance Committee that created ASP?s rules and regulations. She also helped out with the booth at Comdex and wrote articles for ASPects.

The ESC (Educational Software Cooperative) was founded by Andy Motes to focus specifically on software for education. At the time the group was founded, the ASP was geared more towards games and gaming so the ESC was a great opportunity for educational authors to come together and share ideas solely for their niche software.

Rosemary has held all of the positions in the ESC over the years. She started as vice president and then became president and held that position for many years. She was a board member, and filled in as secretary and newsletter editor too. She has always been the Webmaster for the ESC.

Rosemary’s received much recognition in this industry: an honorary member of the ASP, ESC Member of the Month, a member of the Association For Professional Standards, and she’s also been inducted to SIC’s Hall of Fame.

Tom Guthery IV

Tom is an excellent example of what it truly means to be a “member” of the shareware community. Tom created Flix Productions in 1990 and began to produce high-quality, animated educational programs for DOS and then for Windows. A master animator, he creates outstanding educational software programs for kids of all ages.

Since becoming an ASP member in 1995, Tom Guthery actively participates in the ASP with as much time as he has to give. In addition to volunteering in different capacities over the years, he also dedicates time and energy to the graphical side of things — his specialty — for the ASP. Tom created the logos you see on the website available to download, and he reworked the logos and graphics used in the ASP?s exhibit booth. Tom served on the board 1996-1999, and accepted the role of Chairman in 1997. He?s also served in several other capacities for the ASP as Sergeant at Arms, on the Welcome Committee, and the Public Relations Committee.

Tom has impacted the entire shareware community with his down-to earth spirit that everything happens for a reason. He’s received much recognition outside of the ASP, including receiving Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards, receiving Shareware Industry Awards, being inducted into the SIC Hall of Fame in 2001, and being a member of the Association For Professional Standards, and served on the Board of the Educational Software Cooperative.

2002 Inductees:

Marshall Magee

Marshall Magee started his company in 1983 with a product called Automenu; he became one of the first shareware authors to make more than $1 million dollars in sales. This DOS-based program was very good and was released at the right time as the first of its kind. Magee still supports and sells Automenu.

He was the founding ASP President. In 1987 he met with other top shareware developers of the time at the Houston Area League of PC Users, including Bob Wallace, Tom Smith, Jim Button, and Nelson Ford, where the ASP was born.

His successes continued with a meeting of the minds in 1990. During Fall Comdex, he had a party where many shareware authors and enthusiasts gathered; he met with Bob Ostrander, Paris Karahalios, Randy MacLean, Jim Perkins, and Michael Callahan. These guys discussed creating a Shareware-focused conference separate from Comdex, and the seed was planted. In 1991, the first SSS (Summer Shareware Seminar) was held.

Gary Elfring

Gary Elfring, president and founder of Elfring Fonts, has been in business since 1979. The company produces retail, custom, shareware, and OEM font products.

Gary participates in the ASP newsgroups and has written several ASPects articles. Dedicating hundreds and hundreds of hours to the ASP over the years, his volunteer positions include: researching associate memberships for BBS’s (1989); Chairman of the Board (1992); ASP Board member (1992-1993); the Trade Show Committee (1990-1994) where he coordinated and manned the ASP booth at several conferences, and the Vendor Compliance Committee (1994). He regularly donates prizes to conference events.

Today, Gary is still active in the ASP and has served on the Board of Directors for the SIAF (Software Industry Awards Foundation) that hosts the Software Industry Conference and the ISCF (International Shareware Conference Foundation) that hosts the European Shareware Conference.