ASP Hall of Fame Inductees, 2004-2005

2005 Inductees:

Jerry Stern

Jerry joined the ASP in 1992 and took over as ASPects editor in 1997, a position he held continuously to 2015.

Jerry plays a central role in publishing ASPects on a demanding 12-issue per year schedule. He recruits authors, edits submissions, does the page layout, and secures the printing. He has scanned past issues and published the entire history of ASPects on CD and the ASP web site so that new members have full access to ASP history.

Beyond ASPects, Jerry is often key to insuring that seasonal activities within the ASP are started and completed on time. Jerry is not shy about expressing his opinion when something is (usually) a bad idea and will tell you why point for point. His opinions are based on long experience with ASP boards and are a valuable contribution and balance to members who serve with a shorter perspective.

Jerry has been self-employed for over 20 years as a computer consultant specializing in system configuration and security, ASPects editor, and shareware author. He has authored over 300 magazine articles and his current software titles are FileTiger and Graphcat.

Chris Thornton

Chris joined the ASP in 1992 and has served as board Chair in 1999 and 2000. During his term, the ASP purchased what is now known as PADGen and PAD. Six months after launch, there were 8 sites accepting PAD files. He established a committee to further popularize PAD so that today over 150 sites accept PAD and more are being created. Also during his term, the ASP Hall of Fame was created and the ASP is proud to induct the founder of the Hall of Fame into its ranks.

Chris has popularized the partial key verification method for protecting software license integrity and has helped many authors with his timely and sound advice.

Chris created Thornton Software Solutions in 1991, later incorporated as Thornsoft Development Inc. He is author of the popular Clipmate Windows clipboard extender ( Clipmate has won a SIAF best utility award three times and in 2004, Chris was inducted into the SIAF Shareware Hall of Fame.

Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina joined the ASP in 1996, served as Vice President in 1999 and President in 2000.

Steve has had a significant, lasting influence on others via his articles and postings. Steve is very goal-oriented and sets high standards for using his time. For example, while an undergraduate student, Steve set himself a goal of completing college in less than 4 years so that he could start his own software business. By taking 30-40 hours of class per semester, he graduated from college in 1.5 years, rather than the normal four. He made time to do daily activities, get 8 hours of sleep, 1/2 hour of exercise and hold down a 40 hour/week full time job his final semester.

Steve has supported the ASP continuously by using his influence to recommend other independent game developers join the ASP. He was a major source of new members in 2004 when he published an article on his web site backed by a free copy of Dweep to developers who joined the ASP.

Steve founded Dexterity Software in 1994 as a retail game developer. Dexterity switched to direct over the internet sales in 1999 with Dweep and later follow-ons. In 2001, Dexterity published other author’s games. In 2005, Steve switched careers from software publisher and is starting a new career as a motivational speaker

2004 Inductees:

Rich Holler

Richard Holler entered the world of shareware, freeware, and public domain software, as it was then called, at the end of the ’80s. Though not a programmer himself, he became involved in online services via direct-dial Bulletin Board Systems, first through FidoNet, then Compuserve, SimTel, TopDownloads, ZDNet, and even AOL and MSN, managing both upload and forum support for himself and others. His unfaltering resolve for the cause of shareware led him to then start businesses in that field, to publish and promote try-before-you-buy software under the banners of RMH Computer Services and ADDS (Author Direct Distribution Services), always finding ways of making things easier for us all.

In the heydays of the BBSs, Rich recognized the need for a common denominator to the multiple file description formats available, otherwise known as information and submission packages. Richard Holler strove to expand the reach of the FILE_ID.DIZ (the extension of which stands for Description In Zip), a concept originally created by PCBoard; he was a strong supporter of VENDINFO.DIZ, and lastly he was the initiator of our now-famous PAD format, developed with the help of his friend Harold Holmes.

Rich became an ASP member in 1991. His professional and passionate nature led him to rapidly become the embodiment of shareware at large, and ASP in particular. With us he was successively BBS Membership Chairman, Vice President; he served on the Author Compliance Committee, and on the Board of Directors for a two-year term. Rich has been working as the ASP Executive Director since 1997.

Dan Veaner

Dan Veaner is one of the most respected individuals in the shareware industry. Dan founded his company, EmmaSoft, in 1989 and joined the Association of Shareware Professionals in July of the following year.

Within six months, he was making contributions to ASPects, and his first feature article appeared in the April 1992 issue. Since that time, Dan has been one of the most prolific contributors to ASPects, writing dozens of articles over several years. His contributions included book reviews, “Dan Veaner’s Resources,” many practical articles on issues affecting shareware authors, and most famously (or notoriously), his trade show and schmooze reports.

Dan Veaner joined the ASP Meetings Committee in March 1992 and served on the ASP Trade Show Committee from its inception in 1994. The latter role led to Dan being appointed Trade Show Coordinator. In these positions, Dan planned and coordinated the annual ASP meeting in Las Vegas in connection with Comdex, as well as ASP participation in the Summer Shareware Seminar (SSS, now SIC) each year. He was presented with the “ASP Outstanding Service Award” for his service to the ASP at Comdex. Dan also continued this outreach less formally with his participation each year in the Columbus Shareware Schmooze. At the second annual Schmooze, Dan’s peers, in the Independent Shareware Community Awards, recognized him as the Unsung Hero of Shareware.

In addition to his service in print and in person, Dan Veaner is also responsible for helping to bring shareware to the forefront online. In June 1996, after half a year of planning, “ASP Dan” began hosting the Association of Shareware Professionals forum on America Online. As forum leader, he helped bring the shareware concept to consumers while providing marketing opportunities to ASP members. This was a substantial undertaking, the true impact of which cannot be measured.

Throughout his many years of service to the ASP and the software community in general, Dan has earned the respect of those of us who have had the opportunity to enjoy his wit and learn from his wisdom.