Technical Articles

  • Get Localized and Start Selling in Other Countries
    by Amir Helzer, Onthegosoft
    When we say 'translation', we mean "take a text written in one language and convert it to another." Localization is a bit wider. It means: adapting to the conventions of a different country. This begins with the language, date, currency, and numbers format, but may go much deeper. Localization might include changing your sales message to adapt to different cultures and even changing the way you approach potential customers.

  • What to Localize in Software
    by Markus Kreisel and Renate Reinartz
    Last time, we talked about what you should localize in order to sell in other countries. Except for translating the text to the language of that country, there are quite a few other items that need to be localized. Probably not every item applies to everyone, but if you go through this shopping list, you'll probably discover a few things you forgot to localize in your application or website.

  • Consolidating Page Requests to a Single Preferred Domain for SEO
    By Chris Maresco President, CAM Development Consolidating all variations of page requests on your website to a single preferred format is fairly simple to do, makes tracking easier, helps SEO and reduces the possibility of a duplicate content penalty. Additionally, redirecting all requests to https can further benefit SEO and provide your visits with more security.

  • Uninstall Surveys
    by Jiri Novotny
    If you are currently not doing uninstall surveys, this article might make you reconsider. What is an uninstall survey? It is a form that users who uninstall your software are asked to fill and submit, and the results are sent to you. The survey should always be optional and non-obtrusive. Why Should You Do Uninstall Surveys? The main reason for doing uninstall surveys is to increase your profit.

  • Optimizing your installer (Basics)
    by Jiri Novotny
    The installer of your software application is an integral part of your product. It is the first thing the user sees, and yet, it is often overlooked. First impressions matter, and more importantly, if installing your software isn't as easy as possible, you are losing installs, potential customers and revenue. When it comes to installers, what should you try to improve?