Marketing Articles

  • How to Make a Million Dollars in Software
    by Al Harberg, DP Directory
    Instead of working 10 hours a day, work 16 hours a day. Work holidays and weekends. Eliminate distractions like friends, family, eating a balanced diet, exercise, and relaxation. You'll be sick and lonely. And rich.

  • Turn off the TV and Start Writing Your Press Release!
    by Al Harberg, DP Directory, Inc.
    If you're not sending press releases about your programs to the computer magazine editors, then you're not serious about selling shareware. Here's everything you need to know to start writing your press release now.

  • Marketing Budgets and Financial Controls
    by Al Harberg, the Software Marketing Glossary guy
    Of all the financial controls that software developers use to regulate their microISV companies, the most abused one is the marketing budget. Too many lazy marketers create their marketing budget first, and then create their marketing goals and objectives second–if at all.

  • 5 Steps to Ascertain Who Your Product Benefits and How to Use That Information
    by Jess Dewell, Red Direction
    Sell Software by connecting the right group of people to your product. Build Character Customer Profiles to identify and target your customer base.

  • Identifying and Internalizing your Audience
    by Jess Dewell, Red Direction
    Creating a new product is always challenging. Putting a business model and sales channels in place for the new offering is equally demanding, and also requires a different skill set.

  • Call Yourself!
    Are You Impossible to Reach?

    Written by Jerry Stern, Editor, ASPects
    Supervise your technology, it's what customers see. Look for communication road blocks: bad phone number, mail pages that no longer work, missing paper-mail addresses, full phone mailbox, generic service message, web pages that go nowhere or that display badly on browsers you don't use.