ASP Hall of Fame

The ASP Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who go above and beyond the normal levels of volunteerism to contribute to the organization. Through their actions, significant changes occurred, making the ASP what it is today.

Each year, the membership has the opportunity to nominate individuals they believe stand out for their commitment to the organization, allowing the ASP to benefit from their gifts and talents. Inductees are chosen solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors, which means there may be years with no new Hall of Fame additions.

In years when inductions occur, the awards are presented during the ASP Luncheon at  ISVCon.

The statements below show their accomplishments at the time of their inductions; many have continued to contribute to the ASP and our industry.

ASP Hall of Fame 2013 Inductee:

Terry Swiers

Terry Swiers is a long-time member of the software community, having joined the ASP in Jan. 1993. By 1999, his business Millennium Software LLC ( had been in business for 10 years. Terry attributes much of his success to being a member of ASP. In the early days, $100/year was a significant fraction of income. By 1999, Millennium had grown to 3 employees and Terry was a supporting member of ASP.

Late in 1999, Terry served on an ASP committee to evaluate DIZGen99 and the committee recommended purchase. Purchase was recommended and it became a core part of ASP. Never heard of it? DIZGen99 was renamed as PAD and PAD has been one of the ASP’s most successful initiatives.

He ran for the board and was elected by acclamation in Dec. 1999. Approximately a year later in Jan. 2001, he was elected board chair. His director term ended in Dec. 2001 and he moved over to serve as President at that time. In about the same time frame, he managed the transfer of our newsgroup server to the present host, CIFNet.

Our newsgroups are perhaps our most important asset. We have already seen his contribution in setting up our present server, one that has served us for more than a decade. Less well known is that Terry has served to manage access to our newsgroup server for the same time. Every time a new member is added, removed, or had to have their access changed, someone has to enter that change. That
someone is Terry Swiers. Long after his active involvement ended, Terry has continued to provide this critical infrastructure support even to the present day.

ASP Hall of Fame 2012 Inductee:

Dennis Reinhardt

A member since 2000, Dennis Reinhardt, owner of DAIR Computer Systems, has contributed in a great number of roles. He was the founding chairperson for the PAD Committee, where he introduced regular expression constraints to formalize PAD definitions. He also wrote the first validator and was heavily involved in releasing PAD Kit, seeding the growth of download sites. He was also the founding chairperson for the Website committee, where he completed work to implement a web-based forum.

He spent much of his time in leadership positions. As a director, he sponsored and named the Townhall forum, and as chairperson of the board, he played an important role in securing member approval of ASP bylaw revisions. He drafted parts of the Newsgroup FAQ and maintained them. As trademark manager, he worked with an attorney to draft submissions for seven trademarks related to the ASP and PAD.

He served as Secretary and as Vice President before becoming President in 2010. Along with his regular office duties, he was involved in two major sales negotiations. First, he signed the sale of Safer Downloads to WUGNET, and then he oversaw the sale of SIC assets from the SIAF to the ASP. He retired from the position in October of 2011 and remains a supporting member.

ASP Hall of Fame 2010 Inductee:
Mike Dulin

Mike joined the ASP in December of 1997. Mike served as the ASP secretary and Sergeant-at-Arms from September 2003 to early in 2008, when he became the president of the ASP, as well as our Pad
Support Liaison. Mike also represented the ASP at SIC, the European Software Conference, and ISDEF. Most recently, Mike represented the ASP at the Software Industry Conference in Dallas, where he hosted a panel on PAD, spoke at the ASP luncheon, and conducted interviews for his radio show.

ASP Hall of Fame 2009 Inductee:
Michael J. Marshall

Michael J. Marshall has been an ASP member since April 1, 1996. Almost all the time since he was a member, he has volunteered for the ASP. From September 1997 until 2013, he was the ASP ombudsman. He has resolved numerous problems and worked together with the ASP board to find solutions when customers had problems with ASP members. During this time, Michael has also participated in the membership standards committee and helped in creating an up-to-date ombudsman policy. Michael has been in software for a long time. The flagship product of his company, King Stairs Software (, is JOT+ Notes. Other products include myTasks, KS Calendar, HexHelper, KsXML and the brand new Scratchpad.